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I have been helping friends and family with a lot more jailbreaks for their iOS 6.1.3’s lately. I guess the words really getting out about how much more awesome jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPods are! Anyway, I thought I would update you guys on what’s been working the best – it seems the internet is a maze of information to navigate when it comes to the iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak.

ios6It seems some people say there is no 6.1.3 Jailbreak. That’s just nonsense. There sure is. A full untethered jailbreak with all the features you want. However, the people who have managed to Jailbreak this time, didn’t want to release it out for free, because if it became too popular, Apple would plug the security hole that allowed the Jailbreak in the first place… So I did the research (and the mistakes) so you don’t have to.

The Best iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreaks

There are 3 software downloads for the jailbreaks that I have been recommending. They’re listed below so you can skip if you’re impatient.

But first, if you don’t already know what a jailbreak is, it is the best thing you can ever do to your iPhone and iPad! Apple doesn’t want you to know it, but there are so many more apps you can get outside of iTunes when you jailbreak your device! There is an alternative app store called Cydia, and it is awesome – there’s a lot of alternative apps there that would never make it into iTunes (for example, Grooveshark). A lot of the best stuff there is free, and some modestly priced. You can also make modifications to your phone and use what they call “tweaks” to control more of your phone’s behavior etc. This allows you to completely overhaul (for example) the way your iPhone looks and make its homescreen look like an Android phone. Or run your favorite apps with a hand gesture of your choosing… Or, tons more!

The jailbreak softwares I mention below are easy to use and don’t take long at all. You don’t have to worry about messing it up, because even if you did something wrong (and that would be pretty hard to do) or have any questions – you have customer support to back you.

On that note, one quick warning. Never try to jailbreak your phone by yourself, withe the kind of software hackers use online. Most of us aren’t hackers, and it’s just not worth the hassle to go through their complex systems while risking your phone. One little mistake can leave you with a completely useless phone. You could lose all of your apps (as well as app history!), all of your music, contacts, everything you have in your phone. I tried it one time, wound up bricking my phone, and learned the hard way to always supported solutions made for the average non-tech-nerd user – like these below.


So here are my top 3, in order from my top pick to my least favorite.

1. iJailbreak Pro (Editor’s choice, best iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak!)

I found this one very recently – and it’s already better than anything else I’ve used (I have tried quite a few different jailbreaks, so that’s saying something!). These guys are the only ones out there with Jailbreak 6.1.3 on their salespage too. A lot of the other solutions keep that option hidden to avoid pressure from Apple… That just tells you how confident they are in their product.

Personally, I have never had a bad experience with these guys. The jailbreak has always taken under 5 minutes to complete, and the instructions are simple to follow. Plus, they have a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime membership, so there is nothing to lose.

Another bonus with these guys is that the software does both an unlock and a jailbreak, whereas most sites only do one or the other. Unlocking means that you can choose whatever carrier you want, rather than having to be stuck with the one that you got your iPhone or iPad from. Just unlock, change the SIM, and off you go. No need for contracts – total iPhone and iPad Freedom!

Customer support is exceptional. The guy who owns and operates the site is the one you get to talk to, which I really like. He’s friendly and really cares about helping you out. He talked to me for a good while and gave me a lot of good advice about getting the best use of my phone.

I give these guys a 10 out of 10! The price is right, the service is excellent and the Jailbreak is quick. Check out their site here.

2. Jailbreak Unlock
These guys are pretty good. I haven’t used them in a while because I really only use iJailbreak Pro now, but I used this site a lot before. The software is reliable, but it takes longer for the jailbreak to complete. I have waited close to 20 minutes a few times and I wasn’t extremely happy with that, especially when I was pressed for time.

I do have to mention the issue I had with customer support. They don’t have a phone number listed, so the only way to get in touch with them is via email. I wrote them about an issue I was having one afternoon, and they never got back with me until the next afternoon, which meant I was out of a phone all day, all night, and the next morning. Not cool!

The price is good, but they don’t offer all of the bonuses that you get with iJailbreak Pro, which is one of the main reasons I have stopped using them. But if iJailbreak Pro’s site is down for some reason, I would recommend these guys.

I give these guys a 7 out of 10. Their software is good and they are reliable, they just need to work on their customer relations a bit. Check them out here.

3. iJailbreak Tool (UPDATE: iJailbreakTool has closed shop and aren’t selling anymore!)
Ok. I have to be honest here. The only reason I include these guys is because I know the jailbreak actually does work. I used them a while back, when 6.1.3 just came out – before I found my other two picks. They were one of the first to come out with a Jailbreak for that version, so I think they deserve an honorable mention. Everything else about this site really sucks though.

First of all, the only number they have for you to call is one listed over in India. I didn’t notice that until I ran into an issue (I guess that’s my own fault for not paying attention). Regardless, it put a bad taste in my mouth right away. I am not cool with making an international call for customer support. Period. So I emailed them. They got back to me but it took them a while, and it seems like they outsourced all of their support to India so I was chatting with a non-native, which made communication more difficult.

My biggest issues with these guys are the instructions and jailbreak time. The instructions were really difficult to read. Whoever wrote them didn’t speak English. I have to assume they just looked up phrases in one of those pocket translator books. Maybe even randomly… 🙁

The jailbreak took nearly 30 minutes every time. Back in the day that wasn’t so bad, but now it’s like – why bother when there are better things out there, you know?!

I rate these guys 5 out of 10. Even though their service isn’t great, their software does exactly what it’s supposed to and it is dependable.


Well, that’s about it. I never know how to finish articles 🙂

If you didn’t have the time or energy to read the article, bottom line is – best solution I recommend is iJailbreak Pro.

Hope you enjoy your new and highly improved jailbroken iOS 6.1.3 device! I’m out. Peace!


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These days the handset is among the most well-known private devices that exist. Now, virtually every individual US has a cellphone. The mobile phones of now do a lot more than just ease voice communications and text.

These marvels of engineering are really so complex, that these times it is possible to sit at house keep by monitoring the area of a person’s cellphone, monitor his whereabouts. Here is with GPS tracking abilities, including using the desktop computer spy software and the best way to monitor a mobile phone place by different techniques.

One of the ways to monitor a mobile phone place is is to use its global Mobile Equipment identification (IMEI) number. That is the way that is difficult. With our user-friendly mobile phone spy software you don;t need the IMEI number to intercept the goal telephone.

The most easy way to monitor a cell phone’s place would be to give you the cell phone’s number they are going to follow the amount for you personally through triangulation plus that you would like to monitor to the support supplier. Never give you quires to the support and make sure that you’ve got a valid motive to monitor the mobile phone. This manner can also be useful when you must find a mobile phone that was lost or stolen.

Using the global-positioning System (GPS) is by significantly, the most well-known means to monitor a cell phone’s area. Handsets which are Global Positioning System navigation empowered are in constant communication with all the satellites which are in space. Getting data from 4 satellites which are orbiting the Earth tracks readily the place of the cellphone.

Assuming that every satellite are at its centre, the exact place might be figured out via the computation of where three fantastic spheres intersect. The cell phone’s place may be ascertained by applying this data, that’s an accuracy inside the radius. In the not too distant future the measurement of the radius is predicted to be decreased.

You may have to set up GPS mobile phone tracking software to the handset in the event the handset does not currently have an integrated GPS. Almost all the of support companies these times will facilitate GPS tracking of cellphones for those who are in possession of a valid motive to monitor a cellphone.

Besides both ways of monitoring the places of a mobile phone it is also possible to make use of the web to monitor a cellphone. Web technology is becoming so advanced that’s has not become impossible to monitor a cell phone’s place.

There are many sites that offer mobile phone monitoring services both to get for free or a modest charge. These sites have software that can monitor the location of a mobile phone utilizing the data that the service supplier provides.

All you need to do would be to register to the web site after which supply them along with login id and your password. It’s possible for you to log onto the web site anytime you would like and record the cell phone’s positioning through the use of id and this password. Showing a map in the site does this.

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Once you have jailbroken your iPhone on iOS 6 there is a good chance that you have been through and downloaded to more common apps. Perhaps you are now looking for something a bit different, something that gives your iPhone even more functionality.

These are ten of the best lesser-known apps in Cydia, ones you may not have come across yet:

MultiIcon Mover – Free

Ok, so you may have heard of this one in passing but it doesn’t get as much attention as it perhaps should.  As a rule, moving icons from one screen to another is a painstaking process, one at a time.

What if you have several you want to move though?  MultiIcon Mover lets you move as many as you want in one go, making life simple.

Hide Icons

This is an SBSettings tweak and the chances are you already have this on your jailbroken iPhone anyway. Hide Icons is a neat app that lets you hide icons for apps you may not want others to see. Or perhaps you want to hide one or two of the stock apps that irritate you.  If you don’t have SBSettings, you can download it free from Cydia.


This is another SBSettings tweak that lets you make notes while on the go. There are already ways of doing this, such as using Evernote or Notes but these are a bit convoluted to use.  Using FastNotes, you can make or read your notes in one easy step.

Swype – Free

Those that use Swype on Android phones will know that this is a copy of the real app. However, it does bring some neat functionality to your iPhone in that it allows you to type words by tracing them on the keyboard.

Instead of tapping, you simply swipe across the letters you want and the word is spelled out for you. It does fall down a little when it comes to double letters and punctuation though but for basic words, it does just fine.

Move2Unlock – $0.99

This app is for those who are bored with the stock way of unlocking the iPhone/ Move2Unlock gives you a variety of different methods to choose from for unlocking, including a page turn effect or a backwards swipe.

xBackup – $1.50

We all know that, when the time comes to upgrade the iOS software (only if it is still able to be jailbroken of course!) or if your iPhone needs restoring through iTunes, you are going to lose the jailbreak.

xBackup gives you a huge helping hand here. Before you restore, tap on xBackup and all your Cydia apps will be backed up with your normal backup in iTunes.  When you restore – from that backup of course – all your Cydia apps will be back on your iPhone.

Shrink – $1

Iconoclasm – $2.50

We put these together because they go together very well.  If you use Winterboard to theme your iPhone and you want something different, download Shrink. It will shrink the icons on your iPhone home screen.

Then download Iconoclasm and use it to fit more icons on to your iPhone home screen.

User Agent Faker – Free

A user agent is transmitted by your browser to each website you visit and is, in effect, your identity. This agent is the determining factor in whether you get to see the desktop or mobile version of a website.

Download User Agent Faker and spoof your user agent from right within Safari instead of having to use a different browser.


This is another of those popular SBSettings add ons.  You may notice, especially if you use Cydia a lot, that it is constantly refreshing and takes it time to open up. NoCyFresh will allows you to stop this and get on with what you are doing a lot quicker.

A small word of warning about this app – it does contain pirated content although the app itself is safe.  When you have downloaded it, go back into Cydia, tap on Sources and make sure you delete macOSmovil.

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wk18-5News about the latest jailbreak tool for iOS 6.x has spread all over jailbreak community. A group of hackers, not the one who created the first ever jailbreak tool, claimed to have the jailbreak for the older iOS 6.x version. Older, because as we have witnessed during the town hall event at Apple’s Cupertino office last Sept 10th, a new mobile operating system was launched. Most of the reviewer’s notes points out that this new iOS version was designed with the latest iPhone 5S in mind.

The newest devices Apple released are the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C was a cheaper version but looks exactly the same as the iPhone 5, except for the changes in the way it look with new five colorful designs. Meanwhile, iPhone 5S, which launch was the main event of the said town hall, is integrated will all the latest technology Apple would want on their mobile device. Simple, much more elegant and powerful is the message that Apple is trying to send to its competitors.

So, is it really late for the creation of the jailbreak tool for the ‘older’ iOS 6.x? Well, it depends on the current status of the phone’s mobile operating system installed. While iPhones that currently have iOS 6 can definitely undergo a jailbreak using the latest tool, those that are already upgraded to the latest iOS 7 won’t be accommodated. Of course, restricted with compatibility, they can’t. And there’s another reason why.

Apple already removed the capability of iPhone users to downgrade the phone’s operating system in iTunes, which is really bad news for those who don’t seem to fit well for the latest iOS. And especially for those who have older iPhone versions like iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

It might seem to be a advantage that older devices were allowed for this upgrade, but it also causes slow performance particularly with iPhone 4 which obviously has a lower memory (512 MB DRAM), CPU (PowerVR SGX 535) and Chipset (A4). Built with the advanced technological evolution in mind, iOS 7 does not seem to be completely compatible with older phones, performance-wise.

One feature that was tweaked a little bit for the iOS 7 is the automatic update which was defaulted to Yes. Previously, this is only available on downloaded apps. Apple might have seen this as a window of opportunity to have two steps ahead of jailbreak community. So any upgrades released by Apple will automatically be downloaded. But not to worry, this can be disabled. So for those who already upgraded to iOS 7, you might want to disable this option if you plan on jailbreaking your iPhone.

With the latest tweaks Apple is doing to prevent jailbreak programmers and hackers to control the pace, the latest jailbreak for the more stable 6.x version is seen to be too late as many already took the bait in upgrading to iOS 7.

But no worries, the latest jailbreak tool for iOS 7 will be released very soon. Not only will it open your iPhone to the free community again, they have promised that it will include something big, which until now is being kept a secret. Perhaps one of this might be the ability to downgrade to older iOS versions like iOS 6.x.

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I’ve been getting lots of questions from people asking whether or not the iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak works on specific iPhone models. Specifically, does it work on an iPhone 3gs?

The simpel answer is yes. The iPhone iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak works on iPhone 3gs.

Now, I’ve mentioned this more than once throughout this site but I’m still getting lots of questions about jailbreaking a 3gs.

So, what I’ve done is create a brand new website that teaches your all about how to jailbreak an iPhone 3gs. You can check it out here.

It’ll give you all the information you need to know for when you start to jailbreak your iPhone 3gs. It’s got a complete breakdown of the different sites that can help you, all the details you need to know to make sure it’s safe, and cool tips and tricks that you can use once you’ve jail broken your iPhone 3gs.

I hope that helps! 🙂

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wk17-3Much is expected on the latest mobile operating system developed by Apple. Estimated to be much bigger and better in terms on new features and functionalities compared to that of its predecessor, the iOS 7 boasts the newest line of security features as well and maximizing the phone’s usability.

While most iPhone owners are pleased with what Apple offers for free, the annoyance of being unable to access external download portals still bothers them. We cannot help but wonder why despite Apple’s boasts about the 900,000+ apps that can be downloaded and enjoyed by iPhone users via App Store; they haven’t been able to match what is being offered in Cydia.

Still being haunted by the last jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 versions which Apple claimed to be un-jailbreak-able, they made available beta versions of the upcoming iOS 7 to app developers. This proved to be a disastrous move because then it became the basis for the latest jailbreak tool being created. While jailbreak for the previous iOS 6 version was made known and downloadable to public, Apple still proceeded in having the beta version tested not only once or twice, but six times!

The last version deals with the fixes on iTunes in the Cloud feature. With the latest iOS 7 released for testing to app developers, and so it is available for jailbreak hackers and programmers to look into.

Jailbreaking the Latest iOS version

The latest iOS version, iOS 7 was released September 18th, 2013. Hackers and programmers earlier announced that they will match the new mobile operating system a few weeks after its release. So we can expect that it might become available for download as early as October. But then there were other good news that they will be bringing as what they mentioned. The new jailbreak tool will be much bigger than just jailbreak itself although they have not hinted on what things it will bring to the community.

Additional good news for iPhone users is that the new jailbreak tool will have all the previous jailbreaks rolled into one. So iPhone users don’t need to go far or on different places just to download older jailbreak tools or even the latest one if they have multiple iPhone devices. Once the new jailbreak tool becomes available, iPhone owners with multiple Apple devices is assured that this jailbreak tool will work on all products.

Future of iPhones

While Apple launched its latest iPhones, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, they also retired two others, the iPhone 4 and 5. Good thing for the owners of the newly retired phones though; they are still supported by the latest mobile operating system. But then why go for an upgrade which has less support when there’s an option to jailbreak which will enable you to explore other options and enhance the look and feel of the phone.

With so many options to choose from in Cydia, iPhone users will have access to better apps, themes and extensions that is comparable to that offered in App Store, even more. And with the latest and bigger jailbreak tool that will be provided soon, we might be in for bigger surprises.

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wk16-5Apple recently launched two of its latest iPhone models, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Days before the said event, jailbreak hackers announced that they already have a jailbreak tool for iPhone 5S which will be powered by the latest mobile operating system, the iOS 7. However, there was no instance during the announcement that jailbreak for iPhone 5C was included. Although one can presumed that with the iPhone 5C running on iOS 7, the jailbreak tool might also work on it. The same is true with older iPhone models that are supported by the new mobile operating system.

As what was expected, iPhone 5C carries the entire line up of features from iPhone 5, in addition to the newer features brought about by the latest operating system. It also carries the same A6 chipset, but was designed to be more energy efficient. It can extend, browsing, talk and video playing of up to ten hours. The camera is enhanced with the latest 8MP iSight that can shoot high resolution panorama and square formats with up to eight live filters which can be applied before or after a shot.

It is also capable of recording video in 1080p HD which can be zoomed up to 3X. And with the video image stabilization, users are now able to record videos while on the move. Another upgrade is face detection which can focus on up to ten faces. These are just some of the features that received enhancements. There are also new features integrated to it.

So there are more reasons now to enjoy the cheaper iPhone 5C. Cheaper because it is only $99 for 16GB storage capacity that comes with a contract while $199 for a 32GB. For those who want an unlocked version, SIM-free or with a pre-installed T-Mobile SIM, it is available for $549 and $649 for the 16GB and 32GB, respectively. The iPhone 5C is also the first to have a variety of choices in terms of color, which also comes with a casing that can make up to 30 different combinations.

With the latest innovations that comes with iPhone 5C, is there really a need for a jailbreak?

There are lots of reason why people jailbreak their iPhones. Customizing the look and feel of the phone is the most common reason why. With a jailbroken iPhone, owners will have access to change the way how their phone looks based on what they want. Tons of themes and extensions available compatible with iPhone are readily available for download in Cydia. Another reason to jailbreak the iPhone is by making it as a portable hotspot thru tethering; sharing the phone’s network connection to devices that needs Internet connection.

And the most common things that iPhone owners usually do after jailbreaking their phone include downloading apps that are unavailable in App Store. Apps that people need for work, for entertainment, for their daily needs or for any other reason which did not pass the demanding eye of Apple, making it impossible to download in App Store.

With a jailbroken iPhone 5C, all this will become possible. Based on the recent announcement made by people who created the jailbreak tool for the latest iOS 7, it will become available after the new mobile operating system is released.

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wk15-4Everybody seems to agree that the Maps app that replaced Google Map does not work the way it should be. And there are several instances that Apple tried to fix bugs and enhance the Maps app to no avail. It looks as if when one bug is fixed, many more will sprout, a cycle that has made most iPhone users decided that it is no longer healthy to rely on this bug-filled app.

For those who are new to iPhone, Maps app was previously powered by Google Maps since the first generation iPhone up until September 19, 2012, when Apple decided not to renew their contract with Google and instead availed mapping services from other sources.

Initially, Maps app received critical appraises from some reviewers mainly of the new 3D and Flyover facility. However, it received high volume of criticisms from the actual iPhone users. To cite an example, there was a report outside the U.S. that the Maps app’s marking of an entire city as a hospital and describing a gas station miles away from gas station when they are just within the vicinity.

Another report of mislabeled landmark is a nursery which was classified as an airport. There was also an instance when travelers and motorists were rescued due to incorrect direction they got from this Apple-created Maps app. Other negative reports feedback from iPhone users ranges from unmarked buildings, incorrect labels of landmarks and places, unmapped road, and in most cases outside famous cities, maps seem to be distorted and projecting incorrect directions.

In October of 2012, due to the heavy criticism received by Apple because of the Maps app, a high-ranking official responsible for developing the said application was removed from his position when he refused to sign an apology statement intended to iPhone users. And by the end of 2012, Apple’s Maps app was included in CNN’s Top 10 technology ‘failure’ of 2012.

Alternative option

While Apple mentioned that they will constantly update and fix any reported bugs in Maps app, there are still instances of inaccuracies reported. At the end of 2012, a standalone application from Google was allowed to be downloaded via App Store as an alternative mapping app. This marks the return of Google in Apple devices since the contract has not been renewed between the two giant companies. And though Google Maps’ features are not comparable with the original application that is available on Google’s Android, it is by far more accurate than Maps app of Apple.

There are other applications that can be downloaded in App Store that can be used as an alternative option to Maps app. But those who were unable to find what they are looking for resorted to jailbreaking their iPhone. With a jailbroken phone, access to Cydia becomes available, which offers tons of apps compared to that of Apple’s App Store.

For those who still don’t know, Cydia is the alter ego of App Store once an iPhone or any Apple device is jailbroken. Not only will you have an alternative app for Maps app, you can also enjoy other apps, themes and extensions which cannot be found in App Store. Some are offered for free while those paid apps are surely cheaper compared in apps found in App Store.

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wk14-5Apple users wonder what the differences are between the latest iOS 7 and the iOS 6. After all, there are only few features that are really noticeable in the new operating system like the new interface, the reformed Notification Center, Control Center, enhanced multitasking, the adopted AirDrop, and improvements in Photo navigation.

Even though these changes are really needed in making iPhone more user-friendly, there are other capabilities that iPhone users might have overlooked. Here are some of the features that were integrated and/or updated in making sure that users will have better phone experience compared to other Smartphones.

One of these features is the ability to block phone calls, text messages and iMessages, and that of FaceTime. Though this feature has been integrated to other Smartphones some time ago, it seems that iPhone has been left behind in terms of privacy. With the ability of this feature to block certain people, more specifically the ones that are not listed on the Contact List, iPhone users now can sleep tight because they will not be bothered by people who either try to bug them, marketing people who try to sell things to them, and most of all, people that they want to end communication with. Blocking these contacts or people can be done just by going to Settings and then choose Messages or FaceTime, afterwards select Blocked.

One of the most used privacy option in the Safari browser which was previously available only on desktop and laptop is now available in iPhone. Do Not Track allows iPhone users to block websites and other features or app services from collecting personal information. However, this feature contradicts the Find My iPhone feature that allows users to track their lost iPhone. So better be aware when and when not to use Do Not Track feature. This feature can be toggled on and off by going to Settings, then look for Safari, and choose Privacy & Security.

Advertisers on iPhone can detect options that you choose – without you even knowing it! They can track the things that you look at in App Store, and from there, they can determine which type of advertisement will they sent from their lists of subscribers to entice you in making a purchase, or at least interest you. The feature called Limit Ad Tracking, which can be found under Settings, then Privacy, and then Advertising, will help you prevent advertisers from collecting these information.

Another useful but not often used app is the Apps Popular Near Me. This feature lets you know the list of most popular apps downloaded, installed and often used in your current area. On the other hand, the Maps app has a setting that will allow you to change default directions set when driving. Think of it as a suggestion box to other people who may need alternate directions in the future.

There are other built-in functions and features that prove to be very useful in iOS 7. In fact, some of these apps were just overlooked that iPhone users tend to look for any available app via App Store and Cydia. Try to explore the iPhone’s Settings.

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wk13-5Many iPhone users are wondering if they would still be able to access Maps app after jailbreaking. While there are lots of alternative apps that can be downloaded in Cydia to replace Map Apps, others still prefer to use this built-in feature by Apple and no one can blame them. The answer is yes, it can be accessed.

Initially, most of the built-in functions offered by Apple will be disabled upon jailbreak to protect the iPhone user’s information from Apple itself. Once jailbroken, there are many tweaks that can be downloaded from Cydia or tutorials found on the Internet on how to enable Maps app for those that really wants to use the said feature.

The original Maps app which has been integrated and accessed since the first iPhone was released back in June 2007 is powered by Google Maps. It has been the only integrated mapping service application for use on iOS and OS X. However, when Apple’s contract with Google expired, Apple decided that they will no longer avail services by Google. Instead, they announced on June 2012 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), that they will be getting data from other mapping service provider while still using the same Maps app, showing signs of the growing rivalry between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system.

So why does iPhone users still go for Maps app instead of downloading similar apps? Let us check to find out Maps app’s share of ups and downs.

Dark times

For new movements particularly for those know companies like Apple, it’s not a big secret that tons of reviewers are ready to criticize Apple once a glitch is found on the Maps app. And they have found valid issues – lots of them actually. Ranging from lack of features which they previously offered when it is still powered by Google Maps, missing labels, off-marked landmarks, to as severe as showing incorrect location labels which earn lots of criticisms. A feature called 3D views is also showing distorted images, if it loads at all.

With all these errors that were duly corrected in the new system, Apple issued an apology stating that they are still in the process of improving the functionalities of the Maps app while suggesting using third-party software which has the same features. With the series of bombardment of negative remarks against Maps app, it caused a high-ranking Apple official his job.

Google Map is back

While issues with Maps app are on going, Apple allowed having alternative apps comparative to that of Maps app. This marked the comeback of Google Maps which can be downloaded and installed as a standalone application, although the default mapping service is still the Maps app. This proves to be a good move made since the redesigned Google Maps is fully functional.

Good points

Good thing most of the initial issues that Maps app encountered are already answered as updates are constantly made available especially for those bugs found on different locations of the app. This is to come true with Apple promise to improve the Maps application. Aside from pre-installing the Maps app on the phone, Maps app now offers enhancements in terms of features and functionalities outshining that of Google’s.

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